Paris Legendary Private Cruise


Cruise aboard genuine and legendary luxury classic boats in the heart of Paris the most Romantic Capital in the world

Vintage 2006, Paris Luxury Boat  created and launched the genuine luxury myth of the sixties

the one with the famous runabouts such as Riva collection boats for the Italians and Chris Craft for the Americans

Additional to that amazing and incredible experience a Gentleman Private Motor Yacht from Como Lake

was added to our collection one of the famous which was the property of Sofia Loren Italian actress

Our unique creations are focused on customized private luxury cruises aboard Italian Vintage Classic boats

 Due to our passion of boats to our everyday involvement to our love of sharing

the private luxury cruises are turning into unique experiences of life and emotional moments; yours!

Our mission is not just to plan your trip we offer you an unforgettable experience!
Entrust us with the organization of your next private luxury cruise on the Seine in Paris

Runabout Vintage Collection

Kim Capri Super Deluxe

Your Luxury cruise experience

and boat ride along the Seine aboard Capri Super Deluxe

Private boat ride experience 


In the heart of Paris, at the foot of the most imposing monument in the world, at a few steps from the famous lovers bridge : Art bridge

we will meet you at the Louvre stopover

to visit rediscover the historical heart of Paris

The private lasts 90 minuts and takes you

to the destination of Notre Dame and its 2 islands, the Eiffel Tower

 Champagne from a very French & exclusive House Ruinart the oldest champagne house in Reims and sweet petits fours

1 crew of 2 bilingual American

and English speaking people welcomes you

New since 2019, beyond its Mercruiser 230CV V8 inboard engine

the KIM Luxury Runabout very often confused with the Ariston or the Aquarama of the Riva House and brand is the only Collection boat in the world to be equipped with electric  pods engines

to become an exclusive Hybrid boat in Paris !

Season : from 15 March to 15 November

Retail and pricing on request

Runabout Vintage Collection

Kim Capri Super Deluxe

The Ultimate luxury vintage cruise experience and boat ride aboard an antique convertible woodenboat  

Aperitif private boat tour the longest


Embarkation at the Louvre stopover on the right bank of the Seine

discovery of two different worlds

the new Paris and the old Paris

From the National Library F. Mitterrand, Notre Dame

the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty

Accompanied by our crew

Champagne  Ruinart Blanc de Blanc, aperitif cocktail pieces


An unprecedented rendez-vous of this surprising

Paris furnished with urban legends & stories signed

Paris Luxury Boat...

Season: from 15 March to 15 November

Retail and pricing on request

Antique Lux Motor Yacht 1963

Shivas Super Riviera



Private boat tour 


From 2 to 12 passengers

Tour and travel into the heart of  the Historical Paris
Rendez-vous with another myth, the Italian Super Riviera designed according to the specific rules of  art

and handcraft sea ships during the 60ies...

At the foot of  Alexandre III bridge, on the "side of the Tsar"

boarding at Champs Elysées  harbor,

cruise to Notre Dame and its 2 islands, the Eiffel Tower.


On additional  request : champagne and drinks,

catering and service...

Available all year round

Retail and pricing on request

 Shivas Super Riviera Motor Yacht

River Escape Lunch or Dinner Cruise



Lunch or Dinner Cruise

From 2 to 12 passengers
Customized catering by our private chef for the awakening

of the most sensitive and sharpened taste buds in Paris
Embarking at  Champs Elysées harbor

National Library F. Mitterrand, Notre Dame and the islands

Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty

On additional  request : champagne and drinks,

catering and other up to measure services


Fresh and seasonal products from the market

menus and details on request

Available all year round
Retail and pricing on request


About us

Our passion: The boats

Since vintage 2006, Paris Luxury Boat has been offering to individuals and corporate clients 

an exclusive service dedicated to the world of Yachting in Paris

Our aim is to offer the excellence in a real experience of boating threw the most beautiful city in the world

Like a romance we did marry 2 very strong symbols of emotion

Discovery of the Historical Paris by boating aboard exceptional pieces of collection

Cruising  aboard Classics and Vintage Runabouts on the Seine

We just don't plan bookings, our aim is to offer our private guests

the best private boating experience ever in the city of lights, love and romance


Our services are uniques, French tailored and artistic

Let yourself be seduced by the French Capital, the city of lights, its incredible romantic atmosphere

and explore the heart of Paris by boat as no one else!

Each private cruise has a tailor-made service according to the customer’s expectations

Our ambition is to allow you to live your personal boating experience

Contact us today to learn more about our must-see cruises

The Crew



            Event planner for businesses and individuals since 20 years

Laurence advises you and accompanies you in your luxury private cruise choices for an unforgettable experience in the capital

The little difference of Laurence:  She has lived in the USA, in California, Carmel By the Sea, city of the Mayor & celebrity Clint Eastwood: graduated Senior at los Padres Carmel High School, having the  knowledge of the expectations of the American clientele. 1st promotion of Hostellery & Catering School in Champagne-Ardennes, 2nd National Award Evian Badoit challenge in France for the creation of a thematic catering company, Luxury Hotel Imperial Palace Annecy, Lutetia Hotel Paris left bank, catering expertise in Luxury Parisian houses Potel & Chabot Grands Evenements, Butard Enescot Maison France Ameriques  Paris,  Private mansion Roland Bonaparte Paris

 newly transformed into Shangrila Palace Paris, before creating a few years later the events company 4D events in 2001 and the brand Paris Luxury Boat since 2006..... Her passion for the sixties and for the celebrities like Brigitte Bardot who owned Riva runabout such as Nounours drove Laurence to create the service in Paris accompanied with David. 

Since 2004 resident on the Seine, aboard Dolce Riva a Modern and Design House boat totally built and furnished by laurence in the smallest details "Dolce Riva" is newly located in Normandy, facing Giverny on the Seine river. Giverny is the famous village known worldwide for the Impressionism, it became successful with Monet property with its incredible garden furnished with water lilies.  

Other tailor-made services are offered to companies and individuals who want to live personalized trips and experiences in Paris or in Giverny. The curiosity of Paris as well as trips often related to the water, many worldwide islands have contributed to increase the services the requirements of our clientele in search of dreams and unusual services 

The top of all our services is a very friendly welcoming, 

relaxed services with very professional team and crew.

A special thanks goes to our smily crew and team!



           In charge of the skipping and the technical parts of boats

 David is the captain for more than two decades

       on board of the private Italian Luxury Motor Yacht Shivas



The little extra that makes all the difference :

 Atypical and aquatic course:  Son of River Boatmen since 4       generations who traveled along the rivers  between France,

 Belgium and Holland.

  The Seine in Paris has no more secrets for David

His passion for navigation has led him by his experience to drive  any type of boats or ship, from industrial convoys
to mass passenger boats during years.

After all, he decided to cruise downtown Paris in a more restricted format, to specialize himself into luxury yachting  for a Parisian private clientele

In detail, always sensitive to the expectations and the demands of the clientele, in care of the others, David became one of the Captain of yachts most talented and respected in the capital of lights.

His skills and performances  associated to Laurence others

did contribute  to create and to bring a new service in Paris :

In 2006, a new service was born in Paris; 

the private cruises in small committees aboard luxury units and 

on board of legendary boats

such as the KIM in Paris and of course SHIVAS...


A dream come true

We are romantics, we find locations tor capture in our pictures to remember of our lives specially in vacation. We we received by L & the captain  A., what a luxurious welcoming! I felt like a queen, a celebrity, the boat is a classic Italian, cruising boat name Paris Luxury boat fits them perfectly l. I will definitively come back.

We love you and

can't wait to come back

Brita & Todd

Palm Beach

Thank you very much for the most beautiful cruise! This was a highlight of our honeymoon very special and romantic. Very wonderful! We love Paris

Lisa & Jeff NYC

Words are few when the heart is full! This has been the best experience

of  my life and

the best birthday ever!

Paris je t'aime!

Lots of love


Under the amazing sunshine and blue sky,

he proposed, with tears and happiness,

make this trip the most unforgetable memories

A & Norman

My most memorable fathers day ever! Thank you Laurence for one of our best experience of an amazing trip! We will highly recommend you! Now I want to buy a Riva!

Dave & Jodi & Lauren

               Testimonials & experiences in video

Luxury private vintage runabout KIM

Golf and Boat experience Les Drives de St-Tropez

Luxury Motor Yacht Shivas

Private luxury cruise and boat tour experience in Paris

From 2 to 12 people